Happy (Late) Birthday, Little Jennifer

Monday, January 15, was my friend Jennifer’s birthday. Because I couldn’t be in Memphis to celebrate with her and forgot to mail a card in time, I was going to have to resort to the Internet to share my warm written wishes with her. I asked myself, “What should I do for someone who has introduced me to lots of great music since we met about 7 years ago?” I decided to send her a musical e-greeting card. To my dismay, beatgreets.com is now part of egreetings.com and extremely lame. What could I do? I searched for a while for other decent musical e-cards but could find nothing deserving of the honor of being the vehicle for sending my birthday wishes to Jennifer.

Next I decided to make my own e-card. Hayden and I began looking for birthday songs that we hadn’t heard before and found some wonderful ones. Suddenly, I thought that instead of creating a measly little e-card, we should make a music video. I unwittingly came up with an hours-long project for us; therefore, sadly this birthday gift is a day late. However, I think the wait is worth it. Judge for yourself here.

Disclaimer: I am not sure yet if the video will work on the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows. (Hayden and I both have Macs.) I’ll test the video out on IE for Windows when I return to school on Wednesday.

7 Responses to “Happy (Late) Birthday, Little Jennifer”

  1. el_daviddo says:


  2. summer says:


  3. lisa says:

    Keri and I loved the video! Keri especially loved the Jennifer dub-over and the sexy scarf dance. We are expecting our own birthday videos as well. Love you!

  4. Jennifer says:


    however, the post and the thoughts behind it made me feel like playing air piano in between givin’ ya squeezes :)

  5. lea says:

    awesome!!!!!!! and apryl looks especially awesome in the blue coat! :)

  6. Apryl says:

    Jennifer, NOOOOOOOOOOOO! The one person I had in mind during the whole video, and you can’t see it. I will try to remedy the situation asap!

    P.S. I played a little air piano in the video, but I think Hayden didn’t realize what I was doing and didn’t shoot my arms during that part. Then we ran out of tape, but just imagine it happening, because it most certainly did, just for you.

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