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The Crying Spainard

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

So Pau wants out, huh? Well, I understand the frustration that all my Memphis friends (at least the Grizzlies fans) must be feeling right now. Quite the let down. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the game. I think Jerry Seinfeld said it best, “when it comes down to it, basically we’re rooting for laundy”. I heard early rumors of Gasol being traded to the Bulls for Ben Gordon and Loul Deng. No way the Bulls are giving up Gordon. That’s laughable. But what type of trade would make us Grizzlies fans happy? Personally, I hope the trade with the Bulls doesn’t transpire, since it would be difficult to support Gasol alongside Gordon, Wallace, and Hinrich.

Check out this link for a mp3 of the hilarious “Ode to Pau” from Chris Vernon. And since Vernon is a big fan of the Makeshift label, perhaps we’ll see a souped up version on the next Makeshift compilation.

Note: Does Pau deserve all the backlash? Read article. Will this stop booing this Saturday?