Lynch Visits Chicago

A week long screening of David Lynch’s latest INLAND EMPIRE begins this Saturday at the lovely Music Box Theatre. On opening night, Mr. Lynch himself will be on hand to introduce the film and field questions aftewards. Unfortunetly, tickets are already sold out for the evening. Still, I hope I’ll get the chance to see the film, which the Chicago Reader called David Lynch’s best and most experimental feature since Eraserhead. I’m also real anxious to see how it looks since it was shot with the Sony PD-150, the same camera that we shot our music video.

2 Responses to “Lynch Visits Chicago”

  1. Yeah, I gotta say…I was so excited to hear the Music Box was going to have this film and that David Lynch was going to be there. And then I saw it was already sold out both nights. Oh well. Still, glad the movie’s here.

    –Undead Johnny

  2. Hayden says:

    Ah, another comment from Undead Johnny! I’m so honored!

    Unfortunetly, I still missed the chance to see the film. I’m guess I’m going to have rent it from my favorite, Odd Obsession.

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