Sox Win Opener!

White Sox 4 – Royals 2 (Tribune photos here. Video evidence here.)

While I didn’t have tickets for today’s Sox opener against the Royals, I did have an itchin’ to get over to the South Side. So, with about 30 minutes before game time, I hopped into my car and made my way over to 35th to catch up with all the excitement. By the time I made it out front of the park, the jets were screaming overhead followed by the fireworks. Below, a quick video outside of the stadium of the last seconds of the firework display:

The crowd make their way into the park…

Basically, I walked around the park, just happy to be on the premises for opening day. In front, there is a tribute celebrating Sox’s rich history. Included in the tribute, Mr. Joe Crede. Crede may no longer wear a Sox uniform but here at the Cell, his Sox days are forever immortalized!

After listening to the first inning on the outside speakers, I walked over to the Bridgeport neighborhood. Many folks think that the Sox stadium is out in the middle of nowhere, where as Wrigley is clearly in a neighborhood. Sure, the Cell is right off the interstate, and it is surrounded by parking lots…

…but it is also mere blocks away from a quaint, historic neighborhood. Below, a few photos I took as I walked through the neighborhood:

Once you make your way through the underpass, you are in the neighborhood.

I always thought that the Grandstand was perfect but when I was inside, the game wasn’t even on…. What?!?!

This is the nearest hot dog stand near the park but I went a few more blocks to Morrie O’Malleys. Still, I might have to try it out. “Fresh Cut Fries” always intrest me!

The famous O’Malleys!

And, the famous Char Dog!

And, you can sit on original seats from Old Comiskey while you eat your dog!

After hanging around the neighborhood for a bit, I made my way back home to catch the last few innings on the radio. And while we didn’t play that great, we did come out with a win thanks to Jim Thome’s blast in the 8th!

Welcome back, baseball!

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