A different type of view.

Sure, the John Hancock Observatory has an amazing view. But does it have the Ledge? Well, the skydeck at the Sears Tower (soon to be known as Willis Tower) does. What’s the Ledge? Well, the ledge is a sectioned walking space that juts out from the side of the building, completely surrounded with see through glass, giving one bold soul the chance to “levitate” 1,300 plus feet above the ground. To get a better idea of what I mean check out this Tribune article.

Unfortunately, the Ledge wasn’t open to the public last week when Brad was in town. But it will be there for our next visitor! Would you be brave enough to walk inside the Ledge?

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  1. Dad says:

    I saw that in the Memphis paper last week. I would not walk out on that ledge to see anything.

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