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Hayden the Vegetarian

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


Few know, but I have been a vegetarian for a month. Yep, that’s right.

Now, I have flirted with vegetarianism in the past, most notably for a few months in college. But at the moment, I am giving it a real shot. Part of my reasoning came from the fact that I don’t eat that much meat anyway, since Apryl is basically a vegetarian. More importantly, I saw Food, Inc., which made me really feel guilty about buying into a system of abuse and neglect. If you haven’t seen Food, Inc., I highly recommend it, although I’ll warn you that it is a film that will stick with you. I saw it months ago, and it was strong enough for me to make a change in my diet months afterward.

While I am going without, I want to stress that I am not making a judgment on those who eat meat. In Food, Inc. there is a farm highlighted that treats their animals with respect and without feeding them an improper diet or injecting them with hormones. If I could find a farm like that around here, I would be happy to rejoin the meateater team. So until then…