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Update: We’re alive.

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Hayden and Apryl at Pitchfork

Sorry for the lack of updates. But don’t fear, we are alive and well. Hopefully, I will get around to posting about some of the things that we’ve gotten ourselves into lately, including Pitchfork, a free show of The Decemberists with the Grant Orchestra in Millenium Park, and recent out of town video shoots. (Will Apryl post about the last Harry Potter novel?) Until then, I hope all is well with you!

Pancakes, coffee, and donuts

Monday, July 9th, 2007

This donut has purple in the middle, purple is a fruit. – Homer Simpson

A few weeks ago, Apryl and I attended our friends Trey and Rachel’s first weekly pancake mornings, which the couple put together as an excuse to keep up with their friends, all the while enjoying a hearty brunch of flapjacks and coffee. That first morning was actually the “unofficial” launch of the idea, so the couple were still working out some of the kinks. Well, yesterday, Apryl and I returned for the first time since that first gathering, and I must say Trey and Rachel have gotten down their system, not only with even tastier pancakes but faster serving with the aid of an electric skillet!

Since we haven’t seen Trey and Rachel for awhile, we hung out with for a bit longer than everyone else, and indulged in what was underneath the glass cake dome all morning.

A few posts down I mentioned the converted 7-Eleven/Kwik-E-Mart in Chicago. Well, Trey and Rachel made the long trek to the store, which is located on the far south side of Chicago, and brought back frosted cover donuts and Buzz Cola.

See below:

Buzz Cola and Frosted Donut

Rachel cut the donut into four slices (though Apryl was too full on pancakes or frightened to partake), and we each had a bite. And I must say that I was very surprised. It wasn’t bad at all. I thought the pink frosting and sprinkles on top were going to over power the donut, but it really didn’t. You really were able to enjoy the donut, which tasted like a traditional cake donut from Krispy Kreme. Mmm, donuts.

I didn’t taste the Buzz Cola so nothing to report there other than I heard (er, read) it was “like Pepsi, but with more zap!”

Click here for everything related to the Chicago Kwik-E-Mart, including the story, photos, and sound clips.

Sox vs. Twins – TV Game #20

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Sox vs. Twins - Game 4

Count it as two victories for the Sox yesterday.

First, the Sox even the final game of the 4 game series with the Twins (though is it really considered “even” when you allow 32 runs in the first two games?).

Second, and more importantly, the Sox finally come to an agreement with Buehrle with a new four year contract. The news was given on the JumboTron over centerfield, which you can sort of make out on the above photo: Mark Buehrle and the Chicago White Sox have agreed on a four-year contract extension this afternoon… On the bottom of the photo you see the closed caption: Contract Extension. The crowd erupted with satisfaction and relief.

Good news, indeed!

Sox vs. Twins – TV Game #19

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Sox vs. Twins

After losing doubleheaders the previous day to the Twinkies (or, as Sox manager Ozzie Guillen calls them, the “Piranhas”) at an embarrassing 20-14 and 12-0, it was nice to get at least one victory in the series. Yesterday’s game was broadcasted nationally with all eyes on Mark Buehrle. Was this his last game as a starting pitcher for the Sox? Along with Big Bobby Jenks, Buehrle is our only true star on the pitcher mound. You may remember me talking about him earlier in the season when he became the first pitcher of the season to pitch a no hitter (and would have been a perfect game if it hadn’t been for a Sammy Sosa walk). Well, Buehrle is getting a lot of attention because the Sox haven’t been able to obtain Buehrle through a new contract. The reason? Buehrle insist on a no-trade clause. Meaning Buehrle wants to play for the Sox and doesn’t want to go anywhere else. What do we do? We reject his offer! As Apryl questioned during the game, “you mean we might be getting rid of our only good pitcher?” Seems like it. Many Sox fans are calling for the resignation (er, firing) of GM Kenny Williams. Ugh.

– On better times, here is a YouTube video shot by a fan in the stands during the 2005 World Series as Paul Konerko hits a grand slam in the 7th and Scott Podsednik’s gets his only homer of the season in the 9th to win Game 2. (If anyone actually clicks on this link, you might want to turn down your speakers!)

Sox vs. Orioles – TV Game #18

Friday, July 6th, 2007


We were actually winning this one 10-2 at one point. Got to love that Sox pitchin’!

– Today we lose the first of a doubleheader to the Minnesota Twins 20-14!

Thank you, come again!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Have you heard about these 7-Eleven stores that have been transformed to look like Kwik-E-Marts? Well, there’s one in Chicago on the South Side. They’ve been showing footage of it on the news, complete with a store owner wearing an Apu name tag and selling Frosted Krusty-O’s cereal. Must check this out!