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Move over. There’s a new Kenny in town.

Thursday, July 31st, 2008


It’s official. Ken Griffey Jr. is now a White Sox.

How very strange.

Above, the infamous #1 Upper Deck rookie card of Griffey, which I somehow manage to get in a pack of baseball cards in my stocking on Christmas of ’89. At the time, the card’s worth was priced at $35 – $40 (if I remember correctly). And, according to the article linked above, the card was once selling for up to $1000. I guess I should have sold mine around that time. I still remember that day when I opened that package and caught glance of glorious #1 staring right back at me. I felt like the luckiest kid on the block. This must have been how Charlie felt when he discovered the Golden Ticket!

Now, WikiAnswers claims one is able to pick up their very own Griffey rookie card for a mere $15 – $40. Oh well.

P.S. – For those scratching your heads about the post’s tile, Kenny Williams is the General Manager for the Chicago White Sox.

Mr. Smog plays Millenium Park

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Bill Callahan

Yesterday, Trey and I caught Bill Callahan (aka Smog) playing at the Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Millenium Park as part of the the Audible Architecture Concert Series. Good, good stuff.

A few songs I can recall: Rock Bottom Riser, I Feel Like the Mother of the World, Our Anniversary, Sycamore, Diamond Dancer, Bloodflow, and Cold Blooded Old Times.

Sox vs. Rangers aka Trey’s “first” game.

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Sox vs Rangers

Last Monday, Trey and I caught the Red Line to see the Good Guys take on the Texas Rangers. Seeing as this was Trey’s first game at The Cell, I had gotten us Lower Deck seats, which gives you a much better ballpark experience. As you see above, our tickets were just between the foul line pole and left field. If today’s game was going to produce a high number of homers, we would be in a good position to make a dive for a souvenir. After finding out seats, and watching a presentation for Stand Up To Cancer with Lance Armstrong, we grabbed us our respective dogs and beers. See below:

Super Comiskey Dog

Super Comiskey Dog

Veggie Dog

Veggie Dog.

As you can see, my Super Comiskey Dog was a bit more attractive than Trey’s sad veggie dog. Next time, Trey said he was going to waste the money on a Comiskey Dog just for the extra condiments so that he could properly dress his veggie dog.

Back at our seats, Trey was immediately befriended by a group of ladies sitting next to us. The first thing they noticed was that not only was Trey not dressed in any Sox gear, he wasn’t even donning any black. When Trey mentioned he was just there for the game, the ladies seemed determined that he have a good time. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have said that it was Trey’s first Sox game because I believe they took it as if it were Trey’s first baseball game. In fact, as I learned that day, Trey has been to several baseball parks, including the soon to be history Yankee and Shea stadiums. Anyway, once the game started up, the ladies pretty much kept to themselves. I did not notice that the gals cheered the loudest for my man Crede, who I guess is the dreamiest when it comes to the opposite sex.

My surroundings included a family rooting for the Rangers and a loud duo from New York who commented on every aspect of the game. At times funny, they started to get on the nerves of the Sox fans around them when they began taking pleasure in the Sox’s lack of offense. At one point, one of the ladies next to Trey asked them why they were even at the game. It turns out they were Mets fans who were just visiting friends in Chicago. Their friends, who were die-hard Sox fans, had given them their Lower Deck seats, while they watched from the Upper Deck. Lucky us.

When one of the ladies got in an argument with one of the New York kids about baseball, it was her lack of even basic baseball knowledge that was a bit embarrassing. You see, one of the kids (the one not in the argument, I might add) was wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey (“I hate the Yankees,” was his explanation to me). Well, our lady mentioned how the Sox had beaten the Red Sox in the World Series. The statement makes no sense since both teams are in the American League, making it impossible to compete against each other in the finals. On top of that, she made some type of statement about how long it had been since the Red Sox won the championship. Umm, 2007. The kid was quick to jump on the attack with this obvious blunder. The lady, who was frustrated with losing this battle, even seemed to deny that this was true, which how can you argue a hard fact of who won the World Series? Heck, I don’t have a problem with being ignorant of baseball, but you better know something if you plan on starting an argument with it. So, that was a bit awkward.

(Note: Our lady’s confusion might have been that the White Sox had defeated the Red Sox for the Division Title in 2005, a year after the Red Sox had won the World Series. In 2005, it was the White Sox who won the World Series. Furthermore, she might have also forgotten that the Red Sox had won the championship last year, and was trying to claim that the Red Sox hadn’t won the series since the oh, so distant past of 2004.)

Still, despite this bit of uneasiness and the fact that the Sox had such a lackluster game (even though I finally got to see a Carlos Quentin homerun in person), I had a nice time at The Cell. And though I don’t think Trey will be rushing to another game, I think he had a good time as well. After this loss, the Sox have gone on to a 4-game winning streak, with a 3.5 game lead over in the Twins for first place in the AL Central Division. So far, I am 2-2-1 for games I’ve attended this year.

Trey at the Cell

Trey doesn’t seem too torn up about the lost.

Mii and the Wii

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

One of the reasons Apryl was late getting to Pitchfork on Sunday was because she was out purchasing this surprise for when I got home:

Hayden and Wii

You’re kidding, right? Nope. Here is the first message you get when you finally get all the cables hooked into the right spots and the console up and running:

Wii warning

Hmm? Let’s see. A! A! A! A! A! A! A!

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Pitchfork `08

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

First off, let me just say we had a great time hanging out this past week in Greer’s Ferry (photos here), Memphis, and Nashville. And even though we saw a fair share of friends and family, our time was so short that we still missed out on a lot of ya. We didn’t even get a chance to see all our friends down at WEVL, which was a real shame. I was even hoping to do a live show, but it was impossible with our tight schedule. I wonder if I would have been still able to work the board?

Anyway, when we got home Friday night, we had our tickets (bought months ago) for this past weekend’s Pitchfork Music Festival. And as Apryl reminded me, we have been there since the beginning in `05.


Even though we might have been veterans, it was a hard adjustment being at the festival after a week of being on the road. In fact, we had planned on getting back last Thursday and resting the day before the festival. But when we got the chance to see friends and family in Nashville, we lost our day of rest.

On Saturday, I ventured out to the festival’s grounds at Union Park to catch the very last number from Memphis’ own Jay Reatard. In fact, I would have missed it completely if Apryl hadn’t gotten in the car and dropped me off. She was determined to get a little rest and didn’t come out until early evening. So basically, I got Jay creating a lot of noise to end of his set, followed with a middle finger to the crowd. Okay. The best part was that he was wearing an Oblivians tee shirt. Represent!

Saturday’s highlights definitely belonged to Caribou, !!!, Jarvis Cocker, and an amazing ending set from Animal Collective.

Unlike the first day which was uncharacteristically cool, Sunday was a hot one. I made sure that I got there in time to catch a favorite of mine, The Dirty Projectors. And I’m pleased to say that they didn’t disappoint. For some reason or another, I was surprised to find them so down to earth and just appreciative to be at the festival. During one of their last numbers when their microphones went out for the majority of the song, they continued on without a single complaint. When their microphones were finally brought back up towards the end of the song, the crowd gave out a loud cheer. They ended their set with their cover of Black Flag’s “Rise Up”.

After catching four more acts, I feel asleep for about an hour in the shade as Les Savy Fav rocked out in the background. Highlights on Sunday belonged to The Dirty Projectors, King Khan & the Shrines, M. Ward, and Bon Iver.

And now, a few photos (I stopped taking a lot of photos after year one when I found it impossible to get a high-quality shot from any distance other than the photographers’ pit. If you want to see better quality photos, search “Pitchfork Music Festival” on Flickr.)


Not much to see here, but on that stage with the Flying V is Jay Reatard. Do Memphis proud! Or just flip off the thousands of folks who woke up to come see you. Either one.

Dizzee Rascal

England’s Dizzee Rascal just before he started giving the sound engineer a hard time because his monitors weren’t loud enough. It certainly was loud enough for us out in the crowd. The highlight was when he performed his first single (from when he was 19), “Fix Up, Look Sharp”. Still his best song.

Pitchfork or Woodstock `94?


Apryl was very disappointed she missed !!! for the sole reason it meant missing the always enjoyable dance offerings of Nic Offer. Offer, who also fronted the always entertaining electronic, dance group Out Hud, has dance moves that just make you feel better about your own busta moves. But yet, he does them with so much enthusiasm that you can’t help being swept up in the fun.


The very charming and funny Jarvis Cocker.

Dirty Projectors

The Dirty Projectors. I have missed several of their shows in Chicago, so I was really excited to see them. One of the few acts I stood in the hot sun for all weekend.

King Khan

Another act I stood in the heat for, during at least part of the set, was King Khan & His Shrines. What a nut, but a lot of fun!

M Ward

M. Ward never ceases to amaze me. Apryl got to the park just around his third song but still managed to catch the large majority of the set. One of the few acts that came on for an encore, which he used to perform his “favorite Daniel Johnston song,” which happens to be “The Story of an Artist”.

Apryl at Pitchfork

Apryl resting her head to the sweet sounds of Bon Iver.

Hayden at Pitchfork

Apryl took this one of me. Proof I was there, I think.

Acts that I listened to at least a few songs from: Jay Reatard (well, one song), Caribou, Fleet Foxes, Dizzee Rascal, The Ruby Suns, Vampire Weekend, !!!, The Hold Steady, Jarvis Cocker, Animal Collective, The Dirty Projectors, Boris, HEALTH, Apples In Stereo, King Khan & the Shrines, Les Savy Fav, The Dodo’s, M. Ward, Spiritualized, Bon Iver, Dinosaur Jr, and Spoon.

As much fun as Pitchfork was, our thoughts certainly were with everyone at Blues on the Bluff. It would have been nice if our schedules had worked out so we could have attended. Despite the sadness, I’m sure it was also a great time for all those overlooking the Mighty Mississip!

Rest Peacefully

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Cap'n Pete

I just got a message from Judy and Brian from WEVL that longtime WEVL programmer Cap’n Pete died (apparently due to foul play) on Wednesday. Host of Capn’ Pete’s Blues Cruise every Friday night, his on air stories were even more enjoyable than his song selections. I feel very privileged to have known him personally. He was such a generous, kind person that it’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to hurt him. I don’t think I have heard a more infectious laugh than his, and it saddens me that I will never get the chance to hear it again. His loss will certainly be felt by all that knew him on and off air. Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Click here to check out a few photos I took of our late friend.

Apryl the Graduate (Video Update)

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Apryl wouldn’t let me post this photo until she had officially graduated. Well, it’s official!


Apryl Name Graduate


(Notice the grads on the right and the Sears Tower in the background.)

Check out this short, low quality video of Apryl doing the graduation walk!

(Warning: Video takes awhile to load.)

Viva L’American Death Ray Music – Cancelled

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008


For whatever reason, Memphis’ Viva L’American Death Ray Music had to cancel their free show at the Empty Bottle. Luckily, Headache City always put on a good show:

Headache City

City of New Orleans

Monday, July 7th, 2008

New Orleans Bridge

Crescent City Connection Bridge

Jackson Square

Jackson Square

Market Cafe Group

Jazz group performing at The Market Cafe.

Cafe du Monde Night

Cafe du Monde at night.

Cafe du Monde 2

Outside service at Cafe du Monde.

Cafe du Monde Beignets

An order of three beignets and iced cafe’ au lait. Worth the trip alone!

Santa's Quarters

You will see many strange things in New Orleans. This is one of them.

New Orleans Bound!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

And I’m sure to be making a stop here.