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Bonnie Prince Billy at Lincoln Hall (Early Show)

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Hayden the Vegetarian

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


Few know, but I have been a vegetarian for a month. Yep, that’s right.

Now, I have flirted with vegetarianism in the past, most notably for a few months in college. But at the moment, I am giving it a real shot. Part of my reasoning came from the fact that I don’t eat that much meat anyway, since Apryl is basically a vegetarian. More importantly, I saw Food, Inc., which made me really feel guilty about buying into a system of abuse and neglect. If you haven’t seen Food, Inc., I highly recommend it, although I’ll warn you that it is a film that will stick with you. I saw it months ago, and it was strong enough for me to make a change in my diet months afterward.

While I am going without, I want to stress that I am not making a judgment on those who eat meat. In Food, Inc. there is a farm highlighted that treats their animals with respect and without feeding them an improper diet or injecting them with hormones. If I could find a farm like that around here, I would be happy to rejoin the meateater team. So until then…

Sox vs. Twins – Attended Game #9

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Sox 3, Twins 9

The White Sox’s season is over. All last week’s hopes have now been crushed. Zero chance making the playoffs. Now, we’re just playin’ for fun. Yet, little fun is being had.

My Evo.

Monday, September 13th, 2010


Did I mention that I finally purchased a smart phone? The HTC EVO to be exact. I’m not one to usually go ga-ga over new technology, but I was excited about this new phone. I even bought it on launch day. Unlike an Apple release, no one was cheering me on as I walked into the Sprint building, nor did I receive a high five after dropping down a couple hundred. No, the most festive it got was a few balloons tied to the register. Whatever. It’s a good phone that keeps me connected with my clients throughout the day (so that I don’t lose a job) as well as entertains me with near a hundred downloaded apps (my favorite is this one). And whatever sexiness it lacks compared to the iPhone 4, it makes up for with no dropped calls, something that can’t be said for the AT&T service here in Chicago.

Anyway, I don’t really want to get into a tech review here. Really, I just wanted to share some arty photos taken by the EVO with the Vignette camera app during Apryl’s mom’s visit last week:

All of them here.

Cubs vs. Mets – Attended Game #8 (9/5/10)

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Cubs 5, Mets 18

Last week, Apryl’s mom came to visit. A few days prior to her visit, she had mentioned that one of the things she wouldn’t mind doing while she was in town was attend a baseball game. She had a good reason for wanting to do so… she had never been to a Major League Baseball game. Since the White Sox were on the road (defeating the Red Sox in dramatic fashion, I might add), we hoped on the Addison bus and made our way to Wrigley Field.

Even if the Sox had been in town, I’d like to believe that I would have forgo my own team loyalties. For someone who has never been to a MLB game, Wrigley Field is one of the purest places in the world to experience our National Pastime. A day at the Friendly Confines isn’t marred with gimmicky promotions or loud, obnoxious music. The scoreboard doesn’t tell you when to start cheering or pressure you into kissing the person next to you. No, you have to make those decisions on your own. And while your insatiable need to text might take your attention from the play on the field, the fault of that diversion lies directly on you. Simply, if you want to experience baseball, Wrigley won’t let you down.

Not to say that the quality of play will always be stellar. During a disappointing season, the Cubs have given their fans ample excuses to daydream. At the time of this post, the Cubs are 19 games back and have the 4th worst home winning percentage record. This has resulted in some of the worst attendance in recent history at Wrigley (though still larger than most other ballparks). Surely, the new owner hadn’t planned on a season like this when he took over operations.

We didn’t experience a lackluster crowd. It was Labor Day weekend. The weather was beautiful. It was a perfect day for baseball. We arrived early. Earlier enough to catch Ronald McDonald throw out a pregame pitch from the mound:

Ronald McDonald

As well as being Apryl’s mom’s first MLB game, it was also the first time Apryl kept score. I taught her right before the game started, and she grasped it quickly. However, she didn’t find it as relaxing as I do, and stopped in the 3rd inning. Though, she did keep it going while I went to the concession stand or the bathroom. Below, Apryl keeping score:

Apryl keeps score

At the start of the 5th inning, the Cubs were winning 4 -2. And then, everything went wrong. Very wrong. The Mets scored five runs, which they would also do in the 8th and 9th inning. Around the 7th inning, a large majority of the crowd had left the ballpark and gone to the bars.

Cubs fans leaving Wrigley

During the top of the ninth inning, when it seemed like the Cubs were never going to find a way to get that final out, a fan next to me told that I was going to run out of room on my scorecard. I told them there was plenty room left on the Cubs side. Below, the real story of the game:

Cubs scorecard

Scorecard – Cubs

Mets scorecard

Scorecard – Mets

I love how the scorecard tells you more than the boxscore ever will. You can see how it took 3.5 hours to finish the game. Which might have been more than Apryl’s mom had bargained for. I am reminded of a story my friend Aaron told me about a cousin of his that didn’t like baseball, yet agreed to go to a Pirates doubleheader. The second game went into extra innings that I believe went to 18 innings (not as long as this one). So it could have been a harder introduction. In total, we witnessed 4 doubles, 1 triple, 4 home runs, and 9 strikeouts from the starters. As for Apryl, I think her favorite part of the long day was finding out that there was a ballplayer named Angel Pagan.

Below, the gals:

Apryl and Mom at Wrigley