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Sox vs. Marlins – Attended Game #3 (5/23/10)

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

White Sox 0, Marlins 13

Wow, the Good Guys sure took a beating. After winning the last two games against the Florida Marlins, the Sox were looking to sweep the series. A feat they have yet to accomplish this season. Unfortunately, the team that is the White Sox showed up to play.

While starer Freddy Garcia was fantastic in the last game I attended, he was taken out of today’s game after only pitching 3 innings and giving up 7 earned runs. The offense was just as lousy, leaving 11 men on base, including several men stranded at third and a failed attempt with the bases loaded. In the 9th, down by 13, the Sox had one last chance to prevent a shut out. With 2 out and Alexei Ramirez on third, A.J. Pierzynski hit a ground ball straight to the first baseman. Ballgame over.

Luckily, I didn’t have to pay for such a game. While I was in line at the ticket window, ready to purchase a ticket with my Sox gift card (thanks Adam and Steph!), I noticed a guy in a Cubs hat asking a couple if they wanted a single ticket. When they turned him down, I accepted the offer with a smile and a handshake. My newly acquired seat was in the upper deck, above the right field.

While it was a rather rough game to sit through, there were some moments that stick with me. Like when a girl behind me said, “Bring in Bobby,” and her boyfriend responded with “Why?” Or when a chant started above me in the upper decks that ended with “Bring back Uribe!” Or when a frustrated and disgruntled fan started yelling at Carlos Quentin in right field, “You suck!” (Q went 0 – 4 with a strikeout and left 4 men on base). It was so loud there wasn’t a way Carlos couldn’t hear him. After the rant went on for a few minutes, a fan behind me finally “stuck up” for Carlos, screaming at the misguided fan, “Hey, they all suck! But you need to calm down.”

Perhaps, my favorite moment of the game was when Paul Konerko hit a foul ball right in front of him. When he reached down and picked it up, he turned around looking for someone to throw it to. Mark Kotsay, who was in the batter’s circle, lifted up his hand and signaled for the ball. After Konerko tossed it to him, Kotsay turned behind him and handed the ball to a kid in the stands. Class act.

Still, that’s hardly what you want to be the highlight of your game. And to add insult to it all, I wore my black Sox cap instead of my blue one, to prove that I wasn’t superstitious about my attire affecting the outcome of the ballgame. I still don’t believe that. But my two game winning streak did come to end today. As did the Sox.

Thankfully, the folks at the Cell realized that the real game wasn’t being played on grass but on ice!


Sunday, May 16th, 2010

RIP Grandma Jackson

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

I love you. And will miss you.

The flood.

Friday, May 7th, 2010


Just wanted to say how thankful we are that everyone back home is safe. The pictures have been quite surreal.

(The above photo is from the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927.)

Sox vs. Royals – Attended Game #2 (5/5/10)

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

White Sox 9, Royals 2

On Wednesday, I attended my second game of the season. This time I was with Apryl. The last time we had gone to a game, just together, was two years ago on my birthday, where it rained the entire game. Remember?

I had gotten us some pretty nice seats (see above photo) off of Craigslist the prior week, and hoped and prayed I didn’t have to work late that day. Initially, I had tried to time the tickets with probable pitchers from the upcoming schedule, so that I could catch Mark Buehrle pitch. The last time I saw Buehrle on the mound was during a visit from Adam and Stephanie, and the Sox had a shut-out win against the Detroit Tigers. Before that I witnessed Buehrle take care of the Twinkies 6 – 1. So good track record (notice how I’m not mentioning what happened three years ago). Only one thing, I forgot about Freddy Garcia in the rotation.

Oh well, no worries. Garcia pitched a better game than Buehrle has been lately. When you count Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, Garcia is 1 of 3 Venezuelans on the team. Below, Garcia in his wind up:

We actually got to the park a little late, so we missed the early offense in the 1st inning, including a 2-run homer from Andruw Jones. Luckily, the Sox’s offense continued to contribute, giving us the opportunity to catch 5 more runs from the 2nd inning on. We got to see a great double from Paul Konerko down the left field line as well as a home run from Alex Rios. But the most impressive moment of the evening was this great play. And then there was this most bizarre moment.

Away from the game, I had a bit of strangeness happen to me. During the 6th inning, I decided to stretch my legs by walking around the ballpark. As I was getting photos from the outfield…


… a girl, who looked 17 or 18, but could have been older, walked by me and knocked my baseball cap off my head. I was stunned. What had just happened? I picked up my cap, and caught up with her as she was walking away. I asked her if she was drunk. She smiled, and then retreated with an apology. So, this happened because A) I was wearing my Crosstown Collection 1926 replica cap, which is blue and was perhaps mistaken for a Royals cap (which still doesn’t excuse the action) B) She was drunk or C) She’s a jerk. Very odd.

Anyway, I had a great time at the ballpark with the wife. As for the season, I am now 2-0!

wife and i