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WEVL needs your vote!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008


Hey there Mild Uproar readers, today is the last day to vote for Memphis Flyer’s “Best of Memphis” poll. Last year, our favorite WEVL was ranked #1 for Best Radio Station. It would be great to see them repeat!

So, if you love the station or even the fact that WEVL brought us two crazy kids together (celebrating our 2nd anniversary yesterday, I might add), then please take the online poll.


Go, Tigers, Go!

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Go, Tigers!

Who could believe that two such big events could happen on the same day? My little sister got married, and the Tigers finally won a Final Four game? The weekend was great but super fast and action packed. In fact, Hayden was so worn out that he didn’t touch the computer when we got home at midnight last night or when he got up at 6:00 this morning for a shoot. So I thought that I would post for him to show our support for our alma mater and this amazing Tigers team.

Speaking of cats, Eva seemed to do okay while being boarded at the vet’s for only the second time in her life. She did need a little extra reassurance that we were around last night. She wanted extra petting and someone to be within easy reach at all times. She also hid from Hayden this morning as she does when he gets up early now because she thinks that he might be taking her to the vet. Fortunately, we’re all done with radiation treatments! Eva’s follow-up visit will be in a few weeks. Thanks to everyone for asking about her regularly.

And to put some more focus back on the bigger cats for today, here’s a link to the U of M March Madness page where you can download an mp3 of the fight song in case you haven’t gotten enough of it lately. I also borrowed the photo at the top from that page.


What We’ve Been Up To – Part 3

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

The Holidays

1. Christmas Tree

Apryl puts on lights

This year we decided to get our Christmas tree early so that we would have more time to spend with it before leaving town. So we got into the Corolla and headed over to Home Depot (I know, I know, we always feel a little bit guilty not buying from an independent tree vendor, but it’s so much more expensive). At the Depot, it seemed like there were quite a few other people with the same idea as us. Many of the trees were already wrapped up, which seemed silly because you have no idea what you’re really getting. Also lined up, they reminded me of the pods from Invasion of the Body Snatchers:

Christmas Tree Pods

It took some time, but I think we were both pleased with our final decision. Below, us deciding:

Apryl searches for treeHayden searches for tree

As we were checking out, it started to snow.

And hey, this year I didn’t even scratch up my car getting the tree out of the car.

Hayden gests tree out of car

Of course, with anything new brought into the house, Eva had to fully investigate the tree. And to Eva, this was definitely one of our most intriguing purchases of the year.

Eva checks out tree

Even though we had good intentions, it took a few weeks until it actually got this point:

Our Christmas Tree

Sox ornamentDa Bears ornament

Jack ornament

2. Snow

Our street covered in snow

We had what was probably our largest snowfall since we’ve lived in Chicago. It was in the middle of the month, so I was still hard at work on the cheerleading videos. But I certainly needed a break, and Apryl’s friend Alison was having a birthday celebration that night at a restaurant in our neighborhood. So,I left the computer for a few hours, bundled up, and ventured out with Apryl to the Silver Cloud. See photos:

Apryl in big snowfallHayden in big snowfall

Silver Cloud and snow

It was a fun getaway, and I finally got to meet Apryl’s school friend Ellie. Below, is a photo of Alison and Michael right as Alison was being handed her HUGE chicken pot pie:

Alison pot pie

After dinner, Apryl went out with Alison and her friends to Cleo’s, but I needed to get back to work, so I walked back home. But not before a group photo:

Group photo Alison birthday

The snow hadn’t let up the entire time we were having dinner and was still coming down hard as I walked along the straight white sidewalks. While it was too cold to take off the gloves for long, I did grab a few snapshots:

Bike in snowfall

Street sign covered in snow

Stop sign covered in snow

The next day I was disappointed that I was still stuck inside working and couldn’t go play in our snow-covered park.

3. The 1st Annual Christmas Evil Party (now to be known as the Merry Scary Christmas Party)

Punch bowl of yummy egg nog

We had a few friends over for our first annual double-feature Christmas horror night. Now, the movies we showed are actually scary films that have some type of Christmas theme. Surprisingly, there are quite a few out there. I decided to give everyone four choices (Home for the Holidays, Don’t Open `Til Christmas, Silent Night, Deadly Night, and Christmas Evil) and then have everyone vote on which two we were going to watch. Well, Home for the Holidays was the big winner. Released in `72 as a Made for TV Movie, Home for the Holidays stars a young Sally Field along with Julie Harris (The Haunted) and Jessica Walter (Arrested Development). The script was written by Joseph Stefano (Psycho) and produced by Aaron Spelling (Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210, 7th Heaven, etc.). Of course, this was going to a popular choice. Second, we watched Silent Night, Deadly Night. And I only have one word for this classic: “Punish!” I guess you had to be there.

4. Downtown Chicago

Christmas Tree  downtown Chicago

A few days before heading out of town, Apryl and I took in the sites downtown while doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. It’s always fun seeing the large tree made from many smaller trees that stands high in Daley Plaza (See above).

And, of course, we had to check out the Macy’s store window displays. This year the story was The Nutcracker:

The Nutcracker

My favorite window display is the one below, which changes the location of the fairy tale to Chicago. Notice the Merchandise Mart along with The Art Museum and Navy Pear.

Nutcracker Window Display

Another thing we both noticed was that many of the Salvation Army folks were really working for their money. Below, the Salvation Army become puppeteers:

Salvation Army puppets

That night, Apryl made butter cookies. Yummy!

Apryl making butter cookies

5. Music Box

Music Box

24th Annual Music Box

One of Apryl’s few posts on this blog was about last year’s screening of White Christmas at the Music Box theatre. (And, of course, it’s one of the most enjoyed entries on the blog.) Now, White Christmas is one of Apryl’s favorite movies of all time. In fact, she flew to Memphis for a weekend trip last month just to see a musical version of it at the Orpheum. Well, we had so much fun last year, and it certainly got us in the spirit, that we decided to go again this year, despite the 60 mph winds. Along with White Christmas, we checked out the rest of the full double feature, It’s A Wonderful Life. However, the funniest moment came before the movie when Santa sang carols with the crowd. During the “Twelve Days of a Chicago Christmas,” the 5th day replaced Five Golden Rings with No More George Bush, which resulted in cheering from the audience. Apryl and I looked at each other. Apryl stated, “We’re not in the South anymore.” As for the movies, there really isn’t any comparison between watching them at home and with a crowd that applauds the hero, hisses the villains, and rings their jingle bells at the right moment. When we left the theatre, it was snowing.

White Christmas screen

6. Christmas Break

Hayden and Apryl at WEVL party
(At the WEVL Volunteer Appreciation Party. Photo by Tim Genty.)

Though we’re excited to see family and friends, it’s always a little sad having to leave our apartment, especially our Christmas tree, during the holidays. We left on Christmas Eve and luckily only had to drive through a little bit of snow on the long trip south. Since most of our readers are our friends and family, I won’t go into too much detail about our trip. But it certainly wouldn’t have been the same without: Christmas day with family (Moms, Dads, Sisters, and the In-Laws), Snowglobe at the HiTone, Huey’s, watching Juno with Brett and Vanessa, Amber’s party, WEVL holiday party, Sophia, seeing the Litton’s, Guitar Hero, Brian, Michelle, and Little Joe, and Tiger’s basketball. Unfortunately, sickness kept me from seeing everyone. Congratulations, Summer.

A few photos:

Nephews and Niece in Chicago shirts
Reid, Sydney, Clay, Jackson, and Drew wearing their Christmas presents

Ash and the gang
Ash and gang at my mom’s that night for Christmas dinner

Snowglobe at HiTone
Snowglobe at the HiTone on Christmas night

HiTone - No Smoking
Even though the HiTone was now smoke free, it hasn’t completely aired out. Definitely better than the old days!

Steph rocks to Guitar Hero
Apryl’s sister Stephanie rocking out to Guitar Hero

The one and only Sophia!

Little Joe
Little Joe likes the wrapping even better than the present!

7. Back Home

Gas Station Snow

I started feeling sick a few days before we returned home. But it was especially rough when we actually packed up and got on the road on New Year’s Day. I always thought that a sore throat was the worst, but I think I have reevaluated that judgement after having swollen neck glands that caused pain anytime I swallowed. We were actually trying to get back in time because I had a job on the 3rd. However, I had to call in sick and lose the job. Luckily, I am feeling better. Unfortunately, Apryl got sick as well and is still in recovery mode.

And yes, I’ve already had some Giordano’s!

Girodano's Pizza

WEVL Fall Pledge Drive

Friday, November 9th, 2007

wevl logo

It might be starting to feel like winter here, but in Memphis our favorite radio station WEVL is having their Fall Pledge Drive, which beings today and goes through the 17th. Make an online pledge.


Friday, September 14th, 2007

For the past couple of Fridays, I have been subbing for the WEVL program “It’s Always Something”. As I mentioned in the past, “It’s Always Something” was one of the first programs on WEVL that got me excited about the station. In high school, I would tape each week’s episode and listen to it throughout the week on my way to and from school. If you have never heard the program, it’s an eclectic mix of the odd, obscure, and bizarre. Well, the last couple of Friday’s I have been doing my best to keep in the spirit of the program. Here are my past playlists, including today’s episode. Today’s highlights will include the infamous Beach Boys sessions of “Help Me Rhonda” with Murry and Brian Wilson bickering in the studio, Murry’s failed attempt at a Kentucky Fried Chicken jingle, a drunk John Wayne, an instructional record on how to pick up women at a department store, ukulele version of “Teenage Kicks,” Elvis Presley’s lost gem “Dominic the Impotent Bull” among others… You can listen to today’s show from Noon-2pm on WEVL 89.9FM or online.

Brian Roper on WEVL

“It’s Always Something” host Brian Roper.

Labor Day – Photos

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Hayden and Apryl at Cafe Loveless

Check out our photos from our Labor Day trip.

Labor Day

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Well, we made it back home safely. It was great seeing everyone over the Labor Day weekend. I only wished that we had had more time to see all of our friends. Along with the obvious highlights of hanging out with our friends and family, the weekend was made even greater with a Redbirds game (thanks Adam), Wii introduction (thanks again, Adam), doing a show at WEVL, and a Shirley burger (thanks Brett).

Shirley Burger

(The infamous Shirley burger!)

Does this look like it would take 10.5 hours?

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Chicago to Itasca State Park

That’s the route we’ll be taking this weekend. After growing up by the Mississippi River, I’ve always wanted to see where it begins and ends. Also since going to Mud Island last year for our “honeymoon” the day after our wedding, we’ve talked about visiting different parts of Ole Man River. I can’t wait to dip my toes in the start. I wonder how long it will take that same water to get to Memphis.


Memphis in May

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Last week, Apryl and I (and Eva, of course) trekked over 500 miles back to Memphis for a little Memorial Day vacation. We enjoyed spending time with our family and friends. We look forward to seeing many of you up here real soon. Below are some photos from our trip (none of which come from the Memphis In May festival):

When in doubt on how to get back home, there’s always a FedEx truck that will show you the way!

We had already planned on trying to make it back to Memphis in time to say “hello” to our WEVL friends during the South Main Trolley Tour, but when I heard about the Memphis Zombie Attack, we knew we would definitely have to wake up early to make it to Memphis in time for the Trolley Tour. The “Attack” consisted of hundreds of men, women, and children made up as zombies, sluggishly walking from Beale St. to the intersection of South Main and G.E. Patterson, attacking folks along the way. That is, folks who wished to become a part of the undead. If you wanted to be attacked, or zombified, you were told to attach duct tape to your shirt. Below is an illustration explaining the rules:

Of course, I had to be zombified!

So I made sure that I left the zombies a clear message to that fact.

Above, I’m getting attacked pretty nicely, with my clothes being torn and fake blood doused on me.

Yep, they got me good. And as you can see, I’m enjoying the madness. (Note: The hole in the jeans was already there.)

Below, are a series of photos of the zombies I took afterwards (before running into Brad and Robyn who themselves were documenting the event).

(Note: Zombie with water bottle.)

(Note: I love the kid’s reaction to easily the most gruesome of the zombies.)

After the Zombie Attack, we ran into many of our friends during the trolley tour. A few photos from the non-zombie part of the evening:

Ansley volunteers at the merchandise table outside of the WEVL radio station.

Apryl runs into her friends Jennifer and Caroline.

Our friends Brandon and Greg rock it out as Jump Back Jake.

We also ran into our friends Judy, Brian, Brad, Robyn, Paul, Summer, David, Gina, and Howell. Afterwards, we had dinner with Brad and Robyn at Hueys. Good night!

After several nights staying with family and meeting up with friends (including dinner with John and Julie), I decided to visit my dad who works in West Point, Mississippi, and stays at the Hotel Chester in Starksville. But before that, I traveled a little farther south to visit my grandmother in Meridian, Mississippi, at her assisted living apartment. I met her for lunch, and then we hung out in her apartment for a few hours. It was great getting to see her and her friends. I don’t get the chance to see her that often, so it was nice spending time with her.

I have always been fascinated with her paintings, which she did at least ten years ago. She had had no formal training when a group of her friends decided that they would start a sort of art club. Without a teacher, the group relied on each other for constructive criticism. My grandmother’s paintings usually dealt with her surroundings living in the Mississippi Delta. Below are some of her work:

(Note: Obviously, the mountains give this one away as one of the few of her paintings not depicting the region.)

After my grandmother’s classes ended, she gave up painting. Though before I left, she mentioned that a canvas and easel were in the closet and perhaps she should start it up again. I hope that she does.

I left my grandmother’s and made it way back up 45 towards Starksville and the Hotel Chester.

Above is the historic Hotel Chester in downtown Starksville.

That night my dad and I had some tasty Mediterranean food at Shaherazad’s. My dad wasn’t too familiar with the cuisine but knew that I enjoyed it and thought it was the perfect time for him to try it out. We ordered two à la carte dishes of baba ganoush, tabboule, hummus, roasted vegetables, spinach pies, and…

… yummy zatter bread!

My dad sitting on a bench full of pillows.

On our last night in Memphis, we had dinner with one of my oldest friends Brian and his wife, Michelle, and his young son, Joe. I’m so glad that we were able to all get together. As well as have some tasty Pete and Sam’s.

It was great getting to see so many friends and family on our trip. I only wish we could have seen everyone!

Goodbye, Memphis!

Note: The White Sox lost every single game while we were away. The first game after we got back home, they beat the Blue Jays 3-0. Hmm.

Hayden’s Birthday Wishes Collage

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Hayden’s 30th birthday was Saturday. Because we couldn’t go home and have a huge party with family and friends, I asked people to take photos of themselves wishing Hayden a happy birthday. I’m just now posting the collage online because I was having issues with some of the files. Rest assured though, I was able to show Hayden the collage on my computer Saturday afternoon. I’ll let him tell you what he thought.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this huge project! There are too many of you to name here, but you can find out who helped by looking at the collage. You can also click on an image in the collage to enlarge it and find out from whom it came.

– Apryl

UPDATE: I’ve added some more photos since I originally posted the collage. Somehow, I hadn’t gotten Brad and Robin’s email earlier, so I did a little rearranging and added their photo. I also added some extra photos that didn’t fit in the collage; see the link in the top right corner of the collage.