Tigers Distraction

What better way to drown one’s sorrows over the Tigers lost on Saturday than with some Chicago deep dish. Apryl and I took our Memphis friends Brooke and Jeff (who were in town looking at law schools) to the downtown location of Lou Malnati’s. Good, good stuff. Although, Apryl still prefers Giordano‚Äôs.

Also, we have had nice weather to help with the disappointing end of the Tigers’ season. In fact, we have had two days straight of records highs of 77 degrees! Now, before all our Memphis friends brag about 90 degree weather, I am quite pleased with our current weather. We have had our windows up all day, and there is a pleasant breeze circulating around the apartment.

Tigers, we love you! Can’t wait to see you in the Final Four next year!

2 Responses to “Tigers Distraction”

  1. Apryl says:

    I don’t recommend the “Lou” pizza from Lou Malnati’s. It sounds good on paper but was disappointing. Everyone else also had some of a sausage and pepperoni pizza, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

    This weather is fabulous. I don’t have to wear a coat or even one of my lightweight zip-up sweaters outside! People are out and about in shorts and skirts and standing around Margie’s Candies eating ice cream at 10:30 pm. What could be better?

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