Play Ball?

(1901 American League Champions – Chicago White Sox)

Much to the chagrin of Apryl, I’m going to make an effort to follow baseball this season. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve really taken an interest in America’s favorite pastime (not since Dale Murphy was wearing #3 for the Atlanta Braves). But since we’re living in a city that’s large enough to house two major league teams, I feel I should give it a shot. Sox or Cubs? Well, since Apryl’s school is literally across the street from U.S. Cellular Field, we’ve already claimed the Sox as our home team. It’s just going to be strange getting used to the American League after all those years following the Braves in the National League. I mean, DH? More than that, it’s going to be a challenge to care about a season that stretches 162 games long (a long season is also my main complaint about professional basketball). And of course, there are those games that move at a snail’s pace. Not really making this sound very attractive, huh? Well, to get into the spirit, I have been visiting a fan’s Sox blog. Yesterday, his Zen and the Art of Roster Construction post received 80 comments! So far, the Sox have been playing some rather lousy ball in the Spring Training preseason. I guess we’ll see whether this lackluster effort is indicative of what’s to come during the regular season. Opening Day is April 2.

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