Fetching Eva

For those who don’t know, Eva will fetch like a dog. When she was younger, it seemed like she would play the game for hours. And if you grew tired and stopped paying attention to her, she would push her toy with her paw under your foot making it clear that she wasn’t done playing. Well, she might not fetch as often as she once did, but every once in awhile the mood will still strike her. This is especially the case when she receives new toys like the ones in her stocking this Christmas. Below is an extremely short video of her playing fetch with a new toy monkey:

However, it’s been an old mouse toy that she had forgotten and that my dad put in her stocking that has been getting the most attention. I took a short video of her playing with it as well but it kept failing to upload on Flickr. Oh well. For the most part, Eva Cat has been sleeping about 23.5 hours of the day on the couch keeping warm.

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