Hank Hill visits Memphis!


For those not in the know, one of my favorite shows is King of the Hill. Unbelievably, the show has been on air for 13 seasons. Even more amazing is that it’s still as funny as it was when it came on air back in 1997. At least, I think so. So tonight, you can be sure that I’ll be in front of the television watching episode #244, titled “What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis.” I can’t wait!

If you are reading this after the fact, check it out here.

2 Responses to “Hank Hill visits Memphis!”

  1. Dad says:

    hayden-good show. i watched the delayed video on Fox-love dad

  2. Hayden says:

    Memphis didn’t come off too well in it. Of course, it looked like the writers had never even been to Memphis.

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