Ban the Chester!


The mere fact that a blog like Rogers Park Cheetos exist seems to prove, for no other reason, that there is a blog out there for anything and everything. If you don’t feel like clicking the above link, the blog is completely composed of photos of discarded bags of cheetos found in the Rogers Park neighborhood in Chicago. Unbelievably, the blog has been going strong since 2007. So what’s the deal? Could this all be the work of one trekking, littering fool? Or are cheetos just the preferred snack for punk juveniles who can’t be bothered with a trashcan.

Either way, I blame the bad influence of Chester Cheetah. Think about it, it was only two years ago that Chester turned from a sneaky yet clumsy hip cheetah (see above) to the extremely vindictive psychopath he is today.

If residents of Rogers Park want to be proactive in stopping the wasteful individual(s), I suggest they set up a series of up check points and catch the culprit(s) “orange”-handed. Just a thought…

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