Stephanie and Adam’s May 2009 Visit

Last week, my sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Adam visited. They got the ultimate welcome from Eva, being used as beds, in less than an hour.


Adam and Steph with Eva


Hayden was thrilled to have someone who also loves baseball to sit by at games. Steph and I enjoyed chatting and occasionally watching the action on the field. Don’t worry, we didn’t talk loudly enough to disturb people who cared about baseball—not that anyone would have noticed since we were surrounded by kids on a field trip at the Cubs game and a large group of loud talkers at the Sox game.


White Sox vs. Tigers 5/7/09  Adam and Hayden


Wrigley Field Cubs vs. Giants 5/5/09 Steph and Apryl


Steph and I were also super excited to go to Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry. No photos were allowed of costumes and props, except for the Flying Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. However, you can see photos and video at The exhibit will also tour other cities in the United States, Europe, and Asia over the next five years, after its debut run in Chicago ends in September.


Apryl and Steph with Flying Ford Anglia from Harry Potter


Of course, we also made time for shopping and Giordano’s stuffed pizza throughout the week. You can see more photos here.

2 Responses to “Stephanie and Adam’s May 2009 Visit”

  1. Marmee says:

    Tell Eva she is fickle-she only sits in my lap-Ha!
    Looks like ya’ll had a good time. I am glad the boys could talk baseball with someone who understood.

    See you soon. I love you!

  2. Stephanie says:

    We had a great trip!

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