Sivad and the Sound


Speaking of Pitchfork, the new Reigning Sound album Love and Curses was reviewed today. Despite the ho hum rating of 7.6, the review gets a 10.0 for exposing a wider audience to most endearing monster of ceremonies from the Mid-South, Sivad. The Pitchfork review not only references Sivad, but reviewer and fellow Tennesseean Stephen M. Deusner uses the Sivad character as a catalyst for the influences of the Reigning Sound sound. Apparently, “love and curses” was Sivad’s motto, and Reigning Sound’s frontman Greg Cartwright honors the phrase with the naming of the new album. While I wasn’t alive when Sivad was on air (thus not recalling the uttering of “love and curses”), I certainly remember that Fantastic Features opening which WHBQ-TV took out from the vaults every Halloween. In recent years, thanks to Judy at WEVL, I’ve become more and more familiar with the cult status of Sivad (including his short music career). Below, the one and only Sivad:

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  1. Dad says:

    Sivad my hero. Paige and I are watching the clip from Florida. Been here since Sat night. Mike is coming in Tuesday night and I am driving back Wednesday-Love Dad

  2. Hayden says:

    Glad you guys got to enjoy some Sivad on your trip! Isn’t the opening (shot at Overton Park) wonderful?

    Hope everyone is doing well. Be careful driving back home.

  3. Marmee says:

    Brought back so many great memories of Saturday nights with Lynn and Karen. Betty would watch all 3 of us while our parents went over to Colonial Country Club (when it was where Target is now). Betty would make the best hamburgers.

    Did Apryl tell you that the trailer she painted when she was little was the trailer that Sivad used to haul hearse on. her Daddy bought it from someone who told him that.

    Thanks again for the memories.

  4. Hayden says:

    I’ll take a Betty Burger!

    Thanks for sharing the great story about the trailer! Lucky girl!

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