The Birds at Music Box (Guest: Tippi Hedren)



2 Responses to “The Birds at Music Box (Guest: Tippi Hedren)”

  1. Dad says:

    Great movie. Cannot remember what she did with the money she stole.

  2. Hayden says:

    Hey Dad, you are confusing movies. You are thinking of Janet Leigh in Psycho which was the movie Hitchcock did just prior to The Birds. It was Leigh’s character that stole all that money from her work. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to do much with the money before getting knifed in the shower.

    The Birds was Tippi Hedren’s first film, and also stared Rod Taylor who was in one of our favorites, The Time Machine. I remember you commenting on how pretty Hedren was in The Birds. The other night, you would have never guessed Tippi was 82 years old!

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